Saturday, December 22, 2007


Giovanni and I arrived in Sicily on Sat. the 15th and have had pretty good weather since we got here. Considering that in many other parts of the world there is snow and snow and cold! All but in those places like Hawaii where the sun is nearly ALWAYS shining... and well that was last year, oh and the year before that! This Christmas we are in Ragusa. On the 16th we celebrated our
2nd year anniversary!!! We spent 2 nights in a lovely B&B called Nacalino (see the last photo), we drank fresh milk from the cows for breakfast as well as homemade orange and peach marmalade on fresh bread and pastries! It was a great begining to this much needed vacation!
During the days we have cruised around locally to check out different things... like the sea side. Beautiful, not warm enough to swim... but still relaxing and peaceful! A town called Scicli where there were NO women around... only men! I kid you not! Everywhere we walked the old men would STARE at Giovanni and I... then it hit me! I was the only female (there were some women at a funeral we passed but that was it)! Gio and his cousin Santino were joking with me that the women were not allowed out, OH, SICILIANS! so funny!

Yesterday we went to the local once a week market and found some great deals on socks and gloves, food was also a good price, but we dont have much room for things like that. We came upon these funny lemon look alikes, but they were Huge and bumpy (see photo below) the guy selling them cut one in half and let us try it.... it was about the size of a lemon inside with pretty much the same taste and the outside was soft and sweet, when you eat it together its pretty good! So we bought one! I love all the discoveries of different foods that I have never heard of! How many of you have heard of a quince? I will write more about that later! As for now we are enjoying Gio's family and all the food they make for us to eat! I am sure I have gained a little weight during the past week! yikes!


Erica's Notizia said...

Hey Rachael! I am so excited you are having a great vacation. It is so fun keeping up on all your adventures through your blog! Sounds like you and your husband are doing great! I hope you have a very happy holiday season!
Erica Kent

Brian Sloan said...

What fun! It is so great to be able to read about your adventures and to look at your pictures. I think blogging is such a great idea to keep up with Family and Friends. Janelle and I and Lauren send our love and wish you and Gio a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!