Wednesday, March 9, 2011

View from my window

Some of you may be wondering if staying nearly a week in the hospital after having a baby is normal in Italy, the answer is NO. If all went well during delivery general rule is to leave after 48 hours, for c-section it's a day or so longer.
Everything went fine with delivery (a story I will soon share) And yet we are still here.

You see back in September there were some questions raised about our little guy due to some blood work results. Since that time I have been followed a by a team of dr.s that found through a level2 ultrasound a possible problem with isaac's intestine. We knew that at birth there would be additional tests done to check out his body for proper function. In the end all nearly checked out fine. He pooped well and was able to start nursing (which he is great at).
So why are we still here??? In a further ultrasound after birth there is a doubt about a cyst. Yesterday Isaac had an MRI and another ultrasound, today we wait for the results and to hear if the doc's think surgery is necessary and when.
It is fairly common in italy to keep the mother with the baby for nursing, ect...

Giovanni,Charlotte & I have been very prayerful these past few months. We have faith and the knowledge that miracles happen. We know the Lord is mindful of us and our needs as well as this specific situation. Whatever the outcome may be we go forward with trust in Him and a firm testimony that through our Savior, Jesus Christ we can be made whole. If it be from physical elements, feelings of helplessness, loneliness or despair. He can HEAL us.
It is with this knowledge that I go forward with hoping for good news today.


Teresa said...

Great explanation of why your world has consisted of the same four walls this past week. Cant wait to get him back here so he an watch Woody & Buzz with Lottie & Pappa

Nancy said...

Please keep us posted Rachael. prayers are with you, he is so beautiful.