Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The other side of the room

Here are some photos of my hospital room. As you may note there are a few differences from a state side facility, no t.v. Or phone in the room. Normally I would be sharing a room (I have had 2 different roommates) but I guess things have slowed down the past few days, not that I mind, I prefer to be alone. Sleeping in a room with someone else and their new baby is no picnic!
One of the reasons I choose this hospital over any other was because each room has a private bathroom. Not always the case, in many places there are only a few bathrooms/ floor and you have to share the toilets as well as the showers with everyone. In most of those places a "common" eating room with an assigned hour is normal.
Although not AMAZING in amenities I am comfortable here, but hope to be home very soon! Isn't that how most people feel in any hospital?

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Z. Marie said...

So you don't have a phone or TV but do have Internet access? Interesting.