Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!


Italy is not known for the Halloween Celebrations, any "festa" to do with a Saint- now that Italy does... so when a chance to dress up for Halloween came we took it! As last year we were invited to Celebrate a 3year old birthday party, costume style! Charlotte was Strawberry Shortcake (the french version.. since there she is called "Charlotte aux fraises") I made her costume with some felt scraps and an IKEA blanket. I was a black cat that swallowed a fish, you know since I am 5 months pregnant and showing I thought the "Little" should have a costume too! Giovanni also pointed out that since the baby will be coming in March it was rather fitting that a fish be on my belly for the zodiac sign Pisces! Giovanni was a fisherman because it went well with my costume and also for the reason that this summer at the lake he fell in love with fishing thanks to my nephew! We had a great time... but are happy to be going to bed. We ate too many browines, cupcakes and salty treats! Hope you all had a fun weekend!
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Teresa said...

love the fish theme for you, Gio, and Little. Its like the painting on the wall got in on the action as well. ANd little Charlotte is so sweet! This is the first year dad didnt dress up! :{

The Brinkerhoffs said...

You guys look great! Is that a mummy pumpkin head with glasses?

Richelle said...

Love the costumes! You're always SO creative!!