Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beautiful, really.

I had an awesome experience the other night! I went on a date with my friend Bianca to hear Andrea Bocelli sing in the Duomo (main Cathedral) of Milan!!! He has such a simplistic and clear voice that resonates through whoever is listening. The setting was perfect: detailed paintings hanging between the columns depicting the life of Christ, stained glass telling stories from the Bible, most everything around crying out to acknowledge the existence of a greater power in our lives.
My only 2 complaints are the hard benches that made sitting for nearly 3 hours difficult and the late hour of the concert (9pm).
The concert was to benefit a foundation (sorry it is in Italian)supporting children in Haiti. In opening the concert a now grown orphan sang an original song she wrote about her feeling of her beloved country, it was lovely. Then Andrea came out and sang. There was a small boys choir to accompany him during a few numbers as well as a young Ukrainian violinist. Everyone was wonderful! I thank Giovanni for getting us the almost impossible tickets and to Bianca for coming up with the idea to invite me!

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melange muse said...

thats amazing! I am jealous!