Thursday, July 22, 2010

vacation time

The Bags are packed, the house is clean enough to leave.... Tuesday night we jumped on a plane to head south. We are in Sicily for the next few weeks and already enjoying the Food that will make us FAt and the Sun that will color our skins, oh, and least I forget the siesta's that are nearly madatory! For the first few days of our trip we are in Palermo. Giovanni is doing some Geneology work here. I am enjoying seeing new places, Lottie is adored the beach and the tiny fried fish we had for dinner last night! (pic's to come). It was so very funny to watch her pop them into her mouth like they were french fries! One after another, always tail first. I am off to play with Lottie, she just brought me a jasmine flower for my hair... so sweet!


Teresa said...

I am sure that would have been an amazing picture! Its like some of the stories Uncle Gordon told about transportation in the Philippines. Be safe! Love, your mom

Kristi said...


Yoga Raharja said...

Have a nice vacation..
share some photos here please.