Monday, January 11, 2010

ONE year!

ONE Year ago My heart doubled in LOVE when I first gazed into the blue eyes of my Lottie Bug!
ONE Year ago I began to understand a little bit of responsibility.
ONE Year ago I was AMAZED at the miracle of life !
ONE Year ago the Joy I felt was hard to describe!
ONE YEAR ago Charlotte was born.
TODAY we celebrate her FIRST year of life!
TODAY we sing, play and EAT to wish her more of the best!
TODAY I LOVE YOU MORE (if that is possible)!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet little girl!

(the hat is a traditional Chinese tradition for baby's on their first year to wear to catch good wishes sent from a dear cousin)


Jr said...

Tanti Auguri Charlotte~ It looks like she was a good sport and wore the hat the entire time!
We will see your cute little face soon and give you best wishes in person! (Kristi)

Villarreal's said...

Yay! How happy birthday little gal!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte!