Sunday, January 10, 2010

How small am I, really?

AMAZING, after watching this I was for the second time this week reminded of an experience I had a few years back as a missionary. My companion and I were riding a bus. I was seated backwards facing 2 other seats. A father and daughter (about 4years old) sat across from me. I watched them as they silently sat, her laying with her head in his lap and playing with her daddy's hands. She would put up each finger to measure the size and difference. As I watched I was very humbled to think of myself in the same respect; measuring my own hands to those of my earthly Father and then to those of my Father in Heaven. How am I grateful for the knowledge that I am HIS daughter, that HE LOVES me and provides me with the talents and skills to serve HIS children! I am so grateful for the creation of our Heavenly Father and his attention to detail. I know He knows me, He Loves me and He LOVES YOU! Truly INCREDIBLE!


Kristi said...

Do you have the first lesson in the new Gospel Principles manual tomorrow? This goes along perfectly. I just sat down to finish my lesson and pulled your blog up. Our modern day technology is incredible, but what is more incredible and amazing is the creation of such galaxies and worlds without number!!!
I love the little story of your perspective on the back of a bike!

Teresa said...

Wow- do you and your father have the same thought patterns for the day! Or maybe there is a higher power at work here.