Monday, November 16, 2009

last week

Last week I really wanted to post about so many things, but I got caught up in a sewing project and it sucked the life from me for 6 days! I am back and will be posting a few clips from what I wanted to share last week!

Saturday NOV 14th was my MAMMALINA's birthday! I love you Mom! I have learned many things from you, I hope you enjoyed celebrating your special day!!!

Giovanni had a great experience sharing our faith with a city offical from City of Milan. He was with a fantastic missionary couple and you can read all about it here.

Charlotte has now been in the world as long as she was growing inside me- yup she is now TEN months old!!! Some of her accomplishments are:
-giving 5
-her version of blowing kisses
-crawling speedily
-cruising furniture
-getting down from our bed alone
- up to 5 "solo" steps
She LOVES books, hide & seek, zippers, baths, climbing, talking on the phone, blowing raspberries, & laughing. I love watching her personality develop! She is such fun at 10 months.
Thank you for all the comments on my post about her weight!I really appreciate it!

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Teresa said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes = and Thank you for sharing the missionary experience through the link. It was very touching. One question-- Where does Charlotte take baths?