Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weighty issues

When Charlotte was born she was small- 5 lbs and 18.5 inches long. She was born 1day after her due date and was healthy in EVERY way full of Energy and Curiosity. through out the past 9 1/2 months of her life so far she has continued to stay the same way- Small, but STRONG and SPunky!

Her Italian Pediatrician has pushed me from the beginning to integrate formula (thinking that the breast milk was not enough) and insisted that there might be something wrong with her. While in the states our pediatrician and friend who specializes in pediatric Gastroenterology said that she is fine and we just needed to slowly increase her calorie intake (this is also after having some blood work done here in Italy). Last week we spent 5 hours at one of the local Hospitals doing more tests to rule out other possibilities, ie: blood work urine, stool samples, sweat test for cystic fibrosis and an ultrasound on all major organs. I had also kept a 2 week diary of everything including amounts of food she ate (plus before and after weights from breastfeeding).
I have felt GUILTY for sometime that maybe there was something I had done wrong during the pregnancy for her to be born small- GUILT again during the 2nd night of her life when they kept her to feed her formula every 3 hrs to help her weight gain and GUILT since then every time her weight comes up- the dumb thing is I have always felt inside me that she is fine- and for some reason I feel like if I write it here it will help me deal with that Guilt. So magically world of blogger- help me rid myself of this GuILT- after all I love my LITTLE LOTTIE just the way she is!
P.S. She took her FIRST STEPS on her own last night!!!!


Allie said...

Don't beat yourself up. Some babies are just little no matter what you do. McKinley was TINY and still is compared to her cousins that are close to her age. The highest percentage she has EVER been for weight is 5%. Our pediatrics dr said that she is developing the same way any other kid her age would, still hitting mile stones like rolling over, crawling, walking etc. She is just small.
She has had NO major health problems (knock on wood) and is a happy and healthy SMALL 2 1/2 yr old.
The best advice I was given was follow your gut. When something is wrong you know, because YOU are the mom. Everyone else is out there making you feel guilty about not being as great as they think they are/were. Ultimately if you feel like everything is ok, chances are they are.
You are a great mom who wants what is best for your child. No need to feel guilty about that!!!

The Royce Family! said...

Ok... GUILT BE GONE! Ta da! You are really the best mamma ever, you have nothing to be guilty about! Little Lottie is perfect in every little way!

Mommy Madness said...

I have been in your situation 3 times already. Everytime we go to a new doctor or if my kids haven't gained enough between visits, I get a lecture. This is what I tell them, "my kids eat constantly, they have the same amount of energy (if not more) as their friends, they are physically developing right on target, and they are healthy (not sick very often)." I also tell them my hubby's family was this way (which helps a little). None of my kids get above the 5% range until about age 3 or 4. They have even dropped off the chart at times. Fortunately, I majored in family studies and took child development and nutrition, plus I have a very knowledgable mom who reassures me. I'm going to agree with the other comments. If you feel like she is doing fine, she is. In a world where it is getting more common for kids to be obese, our tiny kids look even tinier, but that doesn't mean they are not healthy. (Lexie was in an backward/infant carseat until age 17 months because that's when she reached 20 lbs.)

JR and Dani said...

SHE TOOK STEPS?!! YAY!!! Oh my gosh, she's so CUTE! Ahh, I miss her so much. I love you rachael!

Jen said...

I hope you don't mind if I chime in too. Mother's intuition faces off agains Mother's guilt. It's a tough battle. Mothers always feel guilty about things they shouldn't. However, your intuition is probably right 90% of the time. If she's healthy then don't worry!
I have one big kid (80th%) and one average (50th%) so mine are different... but they all are!
take care

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Melanie said...

Nurse Melanie thinks that Charlotte is way too advanced, active and healthy to be anything, but petite. Hey, wouldn't we all like to be that. Keep the pediatricians happy by going through their motions, but don't worry. Don't let food become an issue for either of you. Go with your Mommy instinct. You're doing just fine!