Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Closing the Chapter of Milan, Italy

There has been a whole lot going on around here lately! Although I have felt mostly tired and overwhelmed, I have been feeling a desire to get back to the blogging world and write my feelings and experiences. I really don't know if there is a place for the innermost things of my heart and mind in the vast internet world, but maybe just maybe there is. It is with this thought in mind that I write. Yesterday our lives here in Milan, Italy were packed into boxes and carried away to a storage unit where they will stay for the next 6- 8 weeks, or more. This is a REALLY big deal for us! You see Giovanni and I arrived 9.5 years ago for a job offered to Gio, working with the Mayor of Milan, doing international public relations to secure the bid for the 2015 world EXPO. This ride of the bid took him travelling to many fun & beautiful places, occasionally with me in tow (3 months in PARIS)! Milan won the bid and for 8 Years He prepared and worked really hard to see the actual Event happen! It was an intense-fully rewarding EXPO and a Great success for all! Especially for Giovanni who really worked through so many challenges! With the organisation of any big event, let alone a world wide one there were obstacles to overcome and creative solutions to be found! There were many changes in government, a few promotions, additions to our family, much travel to visit family members, enjoying visitors to our place, anniversaries, birthdays, making friends and saying goodbye to them. Personal and family growth through it all! How grateful we are for these experiences! We are now preparing to do it all again, in Dubai, UAE!
Duabi will be the host city for EXPO 2020 Stay Tuned for more on our adventure, travelling through our lives.......

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