Friday, August 3, 2012

some words on a sicilan summer

Ciao family, friends and fellow bloggers! I wish I had access to more photos that we have taken on our yearly Sicilian summer trip; I sent the previous photo from Gio’s phone as he left for the airport. I only have my film camera and Gio has the rest on his phones; meaning who knows if you will ever see them- sorry, but it could be true! Making plans to come to Sicily was in our minds, but there were plans to travel to the states earlier in the summer and arriving in Sicily just as summer would be drawing to a close; however, our plans quickly changed and before we knew it we bought a flight leaving just a few days later! Giovanni is headed to Korea for work soon and with nothing to do in Milan but sweat, I chose to stay with the kids in Ragusa to hang out with Italian family and play in the Mediterranean. While here we have gotten a lot of Sun time, eaten the BEST fresh ricotta cheese, collected beautiful sea shells, indulged (at times more than once a day) for amazing gelato or granita (a granita is like a slushy, but as in true Italian style like eating/drinking an iced fruit or nut just picked from a tree- pure BLISS, some of our favorites are: toasted almond, pistachio, ricotta, pear and coconut with chocolate pieces) taking walks to admire Ibla (the oldest part of Ragusa)or along the board walk at night with the rest of the beach goers, homemade fresh ravioli thanks to Zia Maria, shopping the sales, playing with cousins and kittens at the farm house, wondering the local markets and celebrating birthdays with Nonni! It is such fun to listen to Charlotte speak Italian that is improving by leaps and bounds converse with everyone here, she pretty much refuses to speak to me in Italian, but that is ok by me. Isaac too, has quite the growing vocabulary! He seems so advanced for being 16 months (today he is 16 months, really already?) but what else would you expect his mother to say. We are truly enjoying our time here. Even if we miss Giovanni.

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melange muse said...

I am so jealous! This sounds dreamy!