Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

The day I became a mother I was extremely excited and awe struck of the responsibility and grateful for the trust bestowed upon me. I remember feeling strongly that I COULD do all that was required to be a Great, Amazing mother to my little one. I was in a partnership, not only with my husband, but with a LOVING Father in Heaven that sent this soul to earth to learn and grow. This same feeling came over me again with the birth of a second child. As a little time has passed there are many days that pass that I FORGET this special feeling I had those first early days of my motherhood. Dishes pile up, toys pile up, laundry piles up, the space is never enough. Little ones are hungry, they play nice, they play too rough, and the STRESS and Frustration starts to pile up too. I feel as if NOTHING is getting accomplished and my day's work is amounting to ZERO. It is usually around this time I am on the floor picking something up and Isaac will come and bear-back hug me- chatting in his little language! Or Lottie bug will ask me to "Please help me mom," I leave EVERYTHING and give a silent THANK YOU and start to kiss those little faces! I smell the sweet scent of their hair and I tell them I LOVE them! Because If I don't who will? These moments I get a small glimpse of those cherished feelings I first felt. I love being a Mother! I am grateful that I can fill this HONORABLE Role and be the BEST I CAN BE! I am even more grateful for the examples of Mothers I have had in my life! My Mother has always been a strong reference point for me. I love her strong Conviction for what she believes in and Passion in what ever she is doing. She is a Loyal friend and Honest. She encourages me to be the best I can be and I love her! My Grandmothers have both been very present in my life and for this I know I have been blessed. Kindness and Forgiveness, always giving LOve, you are never too old to Learn something new and to NEVER GIVE UP! I have been far from home for a few years now and I continue to meet women whose amazing qualities touch my heart and inspire me to be a better being. I love all of you! Happy Mother's Day!

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