Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dressed up in the City of Lights

For some time now I have been taking a backseat to blogging. At first it was due to some technical difficulties (ie. phone being stolen, hard drive crashing, ect...) but now I am just being lazy I guess!
The last week of OCtober Giovanni had a big International participants meeting up in Como for EXPO and I decided since he was going to be gone most of the week to head to Paris to visit with our friends! We had a GREAT time! Giovanni joined us for a long weekend and we packed in much fun along with lounge time! Here are a few photos of Halloween. I will post more about the rest of the trip at a later time.

We celebrated Halloween by attending the American Library in Paris activities, including Charlie Brown's Halloween and trick' o treating through out the library.
As you can see we had 2 insects! A Yellow Butteryfly and a Spider that LOVES to crawl!

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