Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the past 2 weekends

I have been holding out you! Rude of me right? We have been doing a tiny bit of traveling around here and I have not shared any of it with you. Don't hold it against me, I have been lazy and not in the "sharing mood".Please understand, I am sure most all of us go through that from time to time!
I came to my good senses and figured who ever you are that checks up on us here probably wants to see what happenings are going on around here and how the kiddies are growing. I hope not to disappoint!
This last weekend we were in Como to see our friends Ilaria & Alessandro get married! The ceremony was held in a beautiful church decorated with white flowers and candles, perfect! The reception was in a villa off of Lake Como just past Belliago. The kids were a bit under the weather and spent most of the time sleeping... so don't mind the "glazed eye" look they are givin!

(first 3 images were taken by our friend Marco, he has a MUCH better camera then I do, Sorry! this is the biggest I could get them!)

The weekend before that we went to Torino! It was a QUICK trip, but fun to be back! Giovanni and I met 6 years ago Sunday, June 5th, 2005 in Torino & we just happened to be there again on SUnday, June 5th, 2011!!!
Here are a few highlights of that little get away! (P.S.) our friend Cary came with us) After a quick trip to Porto Palazzo (Europe's largest open air market) buying plump, juicy cherries and some yummy asparagus for a STEAL we then walked around the center.
One place I had always heard about but had never visited in my many trips to Torino was a little cafe called La Biscern. Supposedly they have some phenomenal hot chocolate (among some other drinks of which we did not try due to the alcoholic ingredients). This place is truly storic!When we first walked into the square where it is located we saw a few tables outside with people enjoying their drinks... and a line of about 10 people waiting to sit! It was quite tiny inside, maybe 10 little tables crammed with chairs around them green walls lined with silver cups and teapots. Glass jars filled with candy and yummy gianduia chocolates(a hazelnut chocolate, think nutella flavor)! Most people popping in to try a glass of something and leaving again quickly. We were among this group. You can see Charlotte enjoyed it!

There are more adventure to share, but I am too tired right now... until hummm, i dont know, soon!

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