Monday, April 4, 2011


Today Charlotte sat next to Isaac and asked me to take her picture, too bad she was not looking at me in any of them!
Isaac is 1 month old now. Time is flying by!
Last week he had another ultrasound to follow up on the cysts. Seems that they are a bit smaller, however we also learned that cysts are not connected to anything, they are just there- floating. This means they also can change form. The surgeon does not want to do anything at this point, for which I am glad. We go in again mid May for another ultrasound and follow up visit. For the time being we are happy that our little man is doing well!


melange muse said...

i am still praying for baby Isac.

Richelle said...

He is so precious Rach! Can't wait until we can meet him in person-- hopefully sometime soon! We will pray that everything continues to improve for little Isaac :) Congrats!!