Monday, January 31, 2011

Italian Genealogy Expert




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(photos of recent research, a church where some research was done, and a family tomb)
As many of you know Giovanni has quite a passion for the past, researching his own as well as helping others to find out about their family roots. From the start of our marriage I suggested that we find a way to create a website for as a way for more people to find out about his services. With the help of some friends we have FINALLY got something fantastic to show the world. If you yourself are would like help or if you know of anyone that may need someone like Gio please check out his site and let us know what you think!


Teresa said...

Great web site! And I love all of the personal testimonials!

Anthony and Christel said...

Wow, that is really neat and very interesting!! Good luck with the site, I'm sure he will do very well!

Kristi said...

"Giovanni Criscione conducts genealogical research in it's purest form. He makes his way into the hearts of the Priests and holders of any records, and works miracles to connect the generations. He makes the Da Vinci Code seem like child's play."
-Kristi Royce
I hope to see more pictures like this in the future. I love them.

Kristi said...

Also, I think you should put the pictures from this post on the website! You have me sold with the picture of Gio and Charlotte in front of the door.