Thursday, December 30, 2010

orange ricotta cookies

I spied this recipe the other day and have been craving to make it. Being that we are now in Sicily, land where fresh ricotta and citrus this time of year are in abundance I thought it the perfect time to put this orange ricotta cookie recipe to the test!
Let me tell you, they did not fail!!! These cake like cookies are the perfect mixture of orange, soft and delicate, dark chocolate to top it all off! YUMMY! If you like those chocolate oranges that often fill our stockings at Christmas time, you will LOVE these cookies!

(picture of Ragusa Ibla, the older part of the city)
We are going to be hanging out with our Sicilian family in Ragusa for another week or so before heading to the other side of the island, Palermo. I will have pictures and stories to post later, but as for now... find some time for the above mentioned cookies!

PS did you see this story???


melange muse said...

lucky you being in Sicily right now! I really need to come back and visit.
also those cookies sound delish!

p.s. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you have been having great holidays so far!

Kristi said...

I made these same cookies for my neighbors for Christmas! They were wonderful, but I'm sure yours were even better with the fresh ricotta!