Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh, come, let us adore him!

My little one LOVES BOOKS. She could spend at least half of her day carrying around one or two, and flipping through them. I saw a pattern for a nativity book sometime during the year and knew instantly that it needed to be apart of her library!
I started making this the end of Novemeber- I made two, one for Lottie (shown) and one in Italian for a friend Davide- he turned 1 on the 2nd of Dec.
the pattern is online for purchase here
I am very pleased with the finished product! What do you think??

Last weekend we went into the center to hear a christmas concert in the Duomo- after standing for 20min we left, all the seats were taken- and we did not want to stand for 3 hours. So we got some photos and went to a friends house to hang out instead!
Milan's Center- Christmas tree and all!

Charlotte loves walking around- even in the COLD!

Hanging out at the artisan expo

I also made some fabric ornaments that could stand a beating from Lottie.

Just another project! A onsie for a friend due with a boy any day.

Last Sunday I spoke in church. I spoke about missionary work- I talked mostly about the Greatest Gift that we have been given- The Atonement of Jesus Christ! I found many great talks and testimonies given by living apostles- to read a few please see here and here.


Anthony and Christel said...

I LOVE all of your projects...especially that little onsie, it is ADORABLE!!!

Natalie said...

I love it! I miss you!! I need you to teach me!!!

Mommy Madness said...

The fabric ornaments were a great idea. We have "shatterproof" ornaments (meaning plastic) and Lexie has been testing the durability. I LOVE the onsie, too. I have tons of plain white onsies, but it would be fun to spruce them up.

Jen said...

What do I think? Well, since you asked... :) I think you are amazingly talented. How beautiful. Oh, and I cannot get over how gorgeous your wedding dress is. I know I've told you that before, but it's just so unique and very beautiful.

Amy E. said...

I love the nativity book! I think I need to make one to add to my nativity collection. I created paper ornaments last year as gifts for the missionaries in my parent's mission. They were based on the same principle as the ones in your book.