Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fresh Ravioli

While Jr and Kristi were here I made some homemade ravioli- it was pretty tasty! Sunday night I tried again with our friends Amanda and Zeno with success- once again last night Gio and I had some delicious stuffed pasta! Yummy! (pictures do not do it justice)

For the Pasta:
3 cups flour
4 eggs
1tsp salt

on a hard surface measure out flour, make a well in the center of four and mix in salt as well as the eggs. work kneading about 5 min til dough forms- rub with a little olive oil and cover with bowl 30 min.

roll out thin by hand or with pasta roller

stuff with choice of filling and cover
use either a ravioli wheel or stamp and voila!

First round we used
2cups ricotta
1tbs sugar
zest of 1 orange

served with a yummy Ragu (simple meat sauce- the contrast was great!)

2nd time we tried:
1 1/2 cup ricotta
1tbs sugar
zest of 2 lemons

served with browned butter with sage

3rd time 'round
chicken cooked in onion, garlic and sage
large dried bread crumbs soaked in milk all mixed together

served with a creamed walnut sauce


Andrea said...

That looks really good! Now all I need is the confidence to make it and that it will turn out good. :)

Royce Reflections said...

Thanks for the recipe!! I have been wanting to try homemade pasta for a while. I let you know if mine turns out well. Wish me luck!

Villarreal's said...

stop it already! It's making me hungry just reading ur blog. Appreciate the yummy italian food for me!

ps. Hey, are Edda and Remo on vacation right now? I have a little package I want to send and don't know what address I need to send it to. I have tried calling their house and no one answers. Just wondering if u know anything...

Ada Bowler said...

Oh that looks just scrumptious! I can almost taste it...mmmmm! guess what, we are moving to Utah next month--with the production picking up, and needing to expand the factory, Chris needs to be there. We are going to be in SPringville initially, then re-evaluate. Chris is talking about building a new facility closer to SLC with in the next year or so. We'll see. I'm excited, but sad to leave D.C.--love it here. My parents are going on a mission to Barcelona, so just as we get there, they will be gone for three years. Sad. It will be fun to be close to other family, though.

Love you and miss you like crazy!