Saturday, May 30, 2009

new places

Jr, Kristi and Emerson are in Europe to play with us!!! Two years ago when they came to visit we toured most of Milan's main sights and decided to do something different with their time. We did some sight seeing in the outskirts of Milan (Arona on Lago Maggiore and Vivegvano). We love to try gelato at all the best places and of course this time around was no exception we sampled (sample means cone with at least 2 scoops) 4 different times in the 3 short days in Italy. Emerson seemed to like the flavor- he just was not so sure about the temperature!

Now we are currently on the Alps in Switzerland (Gimmelwald). If you ever read Heidi, Princess Diaries or any book about living in a tiny mountain village then you have most likely pictured this place in your mind! As I write the bells on the cows are cling- clanking as they eat outside my window with a snow caped mountain view! I am sure there will be more to tell since we arrived late last night and have not done much this morning- so as always stay tuned!!!!


Teresa said...

looks like you are all having such a great time! And I love the little hands of the traveling buddies

The Brinkerhoffs said...

Curtis and I wish we could be there with you guys! We are very jealous of all of your guys' adventures. The babies crack me up It is fun to see them love eachother!

Ben said...

everytime i read ur blog, i cry a little inside. haha