Thursday, February 28, 2008

the past few days

Since I have been back from Utah things have been calm, but also seem like a whirlwind! We moved into a new apartment... Which I will post pictures of soon! It is a quite studio, and in a GREAT location! It has been a good change, especially for Giovanni! His sleep is precious! The craziness of his job has not changed much, he will be gone on an overnight trip tomorrow in London then Monday he will leave for the Bahamas! I kinda wish i could go! But I also know he wont be hanging out on the beach! Although it might do him good if he gets the chance to relax there! Voting for Expo happens March 31st and we are transitioning into "Crunch" time lobbing for the votes and trying to stay SANE!
Other then that I am still loving Paris! The city really transforms at night and I even find it charming in the rain!
Last week we meet up with Jacob Wilson. He is a fellow Milan Missionary alumni. He arrived to Italy shortly before I went home, now he is working in Milan as an inturn with a design company until April. The three of us had dinner last week while he was visiting Paris! It was fun and we ate a great french resturant not too far from the Effiel Tower!
I always enjoy spending those moments with Giovanni, I feel that I learn more about him!
( pictures: sushi anyone? they deliver, just like PIZZA!... APE Truck, us and Jacob, a cheese store, Sacre Coeur Cathedral)